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Meet the New Additions to our UZ Dev Team

It’s time for a Tashkent, Uzbekistan development team update. There have been some fun changes since last year’s thorough who’s who of the team. Our current team consists of Pavel Skripin, Timur Suleymanov, and the subjects of today’s blog, Evgeniy Chjen and Ruslan Sidorenko. Timur Gabdrakipov, mentioned in our previous ...

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Question of the Day

"If you could share an office with anyone who would it be and why?"  It was my first team meeting at a new company and the COO, Jon Belmonte,  kicked things off with "The Question of the Day". Everyone in the room took a turn and answers ranged from the mundane to the hilarious. I was struck by how well this ...

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Meet the Dev Team UZ Edition: You're Gonna Plov It

If you've been keeping up with our blog, you've read articles on how we use Agile Scrum with a Distributed Dev Team and which Agile Ceremonies we stick to here at gap intelligence. In the world of Five Ws and one H, these blogs provide great insight into the Why, the What, the Where, the When, and the How, but they only touch in a broad ...

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We Are from the Future!

Hi, I'm Shavkat, a Software Engineer at gap intelligence. I'm from Uzbekistan, I was born in a small town named Navoiy. My wife, son, and I moved from Uzbekistan to San Diego in May 2015. San Diego is a beautiful city that among other things has shown me the true meaning of the word "mellow." Through this blog post I would ...

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