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Three Attainable TV Marvels from CES 2018

One thing I love about attending CES every January is that you get to view the future: companies show off products that are going to hit stores in the coming months, and many manufacturers also highlight prototype products that aren’t even real yet. But that’s where the fun comes in: you get to witness new technologies that could ...

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A To Z! All About TVs

Since I started working at gap intelligence, I have learned about TVs, advertisements, retail pricing, and everything in between. I vividly remember learning my ABCs as a child and how I would often annoy my older brother with sayings such as "A is Apple, B is for Banana" to which one time he replied, "A is for ...

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Buying a New TV: Club Stores vs. Electronics Stores

So you’re in the market for a new TV, and you want to get the best price around.  Do you automatically head for your nearest club store to make a purchase, or do you shop around first to make sure you get the best deals?  Chances are, you assume you’ll get the best price if you point your car towards the nearest Costco or ...

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Internet vs. Television ? The Advertising Battle Continues

While advertisers struggle to choose between The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Rehab to make viewers actually watch their television campaigns, a new report says that internet advertising is on the rise. Since the advent of TiVo and Digital Video Recorders, more and more viewers are skipping past TV commercials. The internet is growing steam as ...

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