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Blurred Lines: The Narrowing Gap Between Contractual and Transactional Supplies Sales

It’s no secret that the print industry has endured major changes as it has matured, and the last few years have been no exception. As the industry consolidates, the number of major players in the game continues to shrink. Dell exited the print business entirely in 2018, and Samsung’s print business was acquired by HP in 2017. ...

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What is TCO?

If you work in the print and imaging industry, you've probably heard a lot about TCO. The term TCO gets bounced around quite a bit, and can often times mean different things to different people. At gap intelligence,TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership, our gapTCO Tool allows users to put together real scenarios to help potential ...

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Win More Deals, More Efficiently - gap Print Sales Tools

The gap intelligence MFP Copier team recently completed another successful client presentation tour in the U.S. and Japan this fall. Without a doubt, a major theme of our client discussions focused on identifying ways to drive growth and improve operations amid numerous industry challenges.

There is no shortage of challenges facing the ...

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HP’s Channel Inventory Pivot and Message to the Industry

Early this summer HP Inc. initiated a pivot in its distribution strategy that will fundamentally change the manufacturer’s printer supplies go-to-market operations forever. It was a bold and surely painful decision, but also very necessary given the changes that are taking place across the print industry and considering HP’s ...

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Beta Fish and the Cost of Printing

Every single week, the gap intelligence team emabarks on a journey deep into the trenches of retail. We study every aisle, peak around every corner, and collect every price point while we are there. In addition to routine data collection, we rub elbows with store personnel, fight through the crowds around the X Box demonstrations, and notice ...

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Hey! I Have Seen That Before!

For my continued belief in humanity, let me first wish that I don't see herds of people wasting precious days of their lives lining up for the new iPhone. Apple announced the highly anticipated gadget last week and everyone cooed over its new features, 3G capabilities, and amazingly low $199 price tag. I own an iPhone, so I can't be too ...

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