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eReaders Everywhere

During my store visits a couple of weeks ago, I came across a new highlighted product category that is available in most stores—yes, you guessed it right – eReaders. eReaders are one of the hottest product categories this holiday season and promotional displays are currently seen at most consumer electronics and mass merchant stores.

One common ...

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Your Daughter?s Wedding will be Cheaper

In my earlier post, I ranted that 2009 has started with rocket ship speed.

? One of the big reasons why I feel this is way is because I am part of the digital camera team here at gap intelligence.? Apparently, digital camera makers are not overly concerned with our suffering economy and have flooded the US market with 262 new models since ...

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Real Life Mission Impossible

Ever watch or

and think to yourself how outlandish some of the security tactics or gadgets are?? I grew up watching James Bond movies and relished in the amazing inventions that 007 used to solve crimes.? Well, Sony is moving us one step closer to obtaining technology that was once only a fantasy found in movies.? The company?s new Mofiria ...

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Thin is Good

Everything in the Land of Nerdy is a buzz right now over the quickly improving quality of e-books.

Sony and Amazon, the two main e-book manufacturers and industry whips of the technology are both readying new e-book players. Sony?s latest Reader, the eloquently named PRS-700, uses a touch screen display that allows users to turn pages with ...

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