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Application Dependencies: When and Why You Should Upgrade

When the Prod/Dev team sets up a new project, it’s created using the latest versions of frameworks, databases, and external libraries available. All these tools, components, and programming languages are part of our project, which ultimately makes them dependencies for our application. While developing the application, ...

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What is the gap intelligence API and how can I use it?

An API is used to exchange information between applications. Not long ago, information was exchanged from user to user. An archive with data files from Application A was exported and sent to the user's email. The user had to download the files and upload them to Application B. Unfortunately, this way of exchanging data caused users a lot of ...

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Coming Soon! New Cards and Tools on

Here at gap intelligence, we are excited to announce the forthcoming addition of two new cards and tools to our cloud-based application accessible through These two offerings expand our online toolset to include new ways to interact with our advertisement and product presence GFD.

Using Ad Snapshot, customers will be able ...

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Lexmark has Lost a Quarter of its Value Since July – What Just Happened?

I decided to write this blog about Lexmark following the company’s absolute pummeling in the stock market – the Lexington-based company has lost about 28% of its market value since July 20.  To the casual observer, Lexmark’s Q2 report was not all that terrible – the company re-emphasized its strategic path toward ...

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