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gapAdvertising Trends - Category Spikes and Black Friday

A year ago this month, I took over the role of Ads Manager here at gap intelligence. During my time in this role, I’ve been able to get a behind-the-scenes look at advertisements (ads) for all of the categories that we track. I’ve noticed some interesting trends, such as the fact that the number of ads for appliances completely ...

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4K Product Magic in the Air

Recently picked up a new TV for 2018? Great work! Research shows that early months of the year are indeed the best time to purchase that new TV, and gap intelligence lists Super Bowl season among the year’s most strategic times for TV purchasing (Super Bowl-timed ads for TVs up 6% on-year!). Noting that gap intelligence’s latest ...

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Navigating Your Next Smartphone Purchase? The Answer May Be Written in the Stars

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the smartphone market while working at gap intelligence, it’s that it’s confusing. When Apple recently acknowledged that its older-generation iPhones do, in fact, slow down over time due to battery issues, I was admittedly faced with a personal dilemma… Do I throw down the ...

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A Look into the Emerging Realm of VR & 360-Degree Capture

Following the consumer electronics industry at any distance, you will have undoubtedly been exposed to the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) as a hot new showcase technology for vendors. Interestingly, VR touches all of the product categories that I track as an analyst at gap intelligence, including cameras and camcorders on the 360-degree ...

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