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The Ups and Downs of Long-Term Smartphone Ownership

Hey everyone, I did it! I held onto my smartphone for two years, long enough to completely pay it off through my carrier’s monthly installment billing, a standard system across the postpaid industry. So now that I technically own this thing, what is next? Should I be content with my paid-off device, sit back, and enjoy a lower monthly ...

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Mobile Gaming: The Case for Gaming Smartphones

Do you remember the birth of mobile gaming? I do. I remember the first time I saw a Nintendo Game Boy. I remember intensely clutching the nearly brick sized device for countless hours playing such classics like Tetris and less-well known titles like Ken Griffey Jr presents Major League Baseball when I should have been doing homework or playing ...

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Apple Bites into Prepaid Market

As the world awaits Apple’s new iPhone introductions next week, the company is quietly executing a separate strategic plan designed for a lesser-known area of the US smartphone market, prepaid. Apple is renowned for its premium positioning with its range of popular flagship devices, but the last two rounds of the company’s quarterly ...

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The Woes of a Windows Phone User

Hello, my name is Scott, and I am a Windows Phone user. I have been for many years. Take a moment for that to sink in as you survey your surroundings… chances are that no one else in your vicinity can say the same. Windows-based phones are the extreme minority in a smartphone market dominated by Android and iOS devices, and their share ...

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Connected Cameras: Fostering the Fundamental Act of Sharing Photos

2012 has seen an influx of connectivity within the digital camera realm that has never been witnessed in the past. While WiFi-equipped cameras are not a new concept, the transformation of the technology from a top-shelf halo specification to a widely-available feature within the market is more obvious than ever. Connectivity faces a growing ...
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Belated Birthday Wishes


For what has been coined one of the most challenging and traumatic economic downturns in 80 years, hasn?t 2009 just flown by?? Feels like the ball dropped in New York City just a week ago, President Obama was sworn in to office last Thursday, and US Airways tested the landing conditions of the Hudson River on Monday.? We have flown by this ...

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