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Design, the Next Area of Innovation for Notebook Makers

The earliest and most important technology event of the year has come and gone, and it brought with it some products and technologies that left our mouths wide open. CES 2015 saw launches and announcements by major and not so major manufacturers, including an overwhelming number of notebooks and tablets.

I attended the show for the 5th time this ...

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the pico-letter V10.05 – All in One PCs Shine

After 4 years as gap intelligence’s tablet analyst, I have become pretty used to covering a growing and constantly evolving product category. As I recently took over the role of Desktop PC analyst, I quickly realized that this category is a different ball game all together and would bring new and unique experiences. As soon as I started ...
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Chromebooks Gaining Momentum, Microsoft Getting Nervous

I never thought a true competitor to Microsoft's Windows OS would arrive during my lifetime. Other than Apple's Mac OS, Microsoft has enjoyed a relatively competition-free environment for the last few decades and has become the standard platform across the PC market. But, after a slow start, Google's Chrome OS is gaining momentum thanks to the ...
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PC Market Embraces Touch

People want to touch their computer screens. Don't get me wrong, they probably still want mice and keyboards too, but people want the option to swipe something from one side to the other. How do I know? The inordinate, increasing number of fingerprints on non-touch laptop displays in retail stores. When shoppers are trying out laptops in-store, ...
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Windows 8 PCs Slow to Arrive on Shelves

The PC industry has been struggling for the last couple years, but amidst the gloomy forecasts and weak financials there has been one constant hope: Windows 8. The new operating system was supposed to trigger a wave of refreshes and relieve pent up consumer and business demand. Microsoft updates its operating system every three or four years ...
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Some Bold Predictions for the Notebook PC Market

I'm a big-time fan of fantasy football. A combination of sports, statistics, and using numbers and intuition to predict performance... I love it. We do that on a daily basis for our clients with market data so it wasn't surprising that nearly half of our US office eagerly joined our company's fantasy football league last month. The key to ...
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Ignore the Headlines, Ultrabooks Aren't a Flop

Take a look at the titles of the media's recent coverage regarding Ultrabook shipments in Q2:

A casual observer of the laptop market may have been alarmed. But ...
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