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Clamshell or Convertible? That is the question.

With school starting in several weeks, or even just a few days for some, back to school shopping is in full swing. For many parents and students, this means investing in a new laptop for the upcoming school year. Many people look at form factor along with accompanying specifications and price to make a decision on a purchase. Here at gap ...

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Filling the Void: Toshiba’s Exit from the PC Market

With Toshiba withdrawing from the US consumer PC market, the question arises: who will step up to fill the retail shelf and advertising space left behind? Toshiba is the largest notebook manufacturer to completely withdraw from the US market, creating a rare opportunity for other vendors to capture shelf space, especially considering the ...

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Notebooks by the Numbers

I have been a gapper for 5 years, and 3 of those 5 years have been spent working as the data specialist in the Notebook category. One of the things that makes this category so unique is the sheer volume of new products that appear week in and week out, and the duration that those products remain on the shelf. gap intelligence has tracked ...

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The Road Less Traveled: Gaming Laptops in the Mainstream

Over the past year, gap Intelligence has seen a rise in the availability of gaming laptops in retail channels. These niche devices are usually sold alongside and often compared to traditional notebooks designed for more casual use. In this analyst’s opinion, the gaming laptop market should be working to be compared to its gaming console ...

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Windows 8 Inventory Challenges Windows 10's Adoption

Microsoft released its long anticipated Windows 10 operating system in late July with high hopes. The OS is relied upon to help revive Microsoft and the declining PC market, and magically boost sales of PCs. While Microsoft may be on its way to realize its goal of 1 billion W10 PC by 2018, the company needs to first clear the massive Windows 8 ...

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Lenovo Eyeing MSI’s Gaming Division

Dominating the headlines in the PC Industry last week were reports that Lenovo plans to purchase MSI’s gaming division.  Lenovo, had an impressive 18.8% share of the global PC market in 2014 (Gartner) and has one of the broadest PC lineups in the industry, including competitive products for consumers and businesses, but the area ...

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Design, the Next Area of Innovation for Notebook Makers

The earliest and most important technology event of the year has come and gone, and it brought with it some products and technologies that left our mouths wide open. CES 2015 saw launches and announcements by major and not so major manufacturers, including an overwhelming number of notebooks and tablets.

I attended the show for the 5th time this ...

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HP Takes Lead in Touchscreen Laptop Market

Since the arrival of Windows 8 in October 2012, the notebook industry has been adopting touchscreens at an alarming rate. In fact, touch-enabled notebooks now account for 56% of total notebook placements in the US retail channel. What a difference a year-and-a-half makes!


Acer and Asus embraced touch functionality faster than any other ...
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Chromebooks Gaining Momentum, Microsoft Getting Nervous

I never thought a true competitor to Microsoft's Windows OS would arrive during my lifetime. Other than Apple's Mac OS, Microsoft has enjoyed a relatively competition-free environment for the last few decades and has become the standard platform across the PC market. But, after a slow start, Google's Chrome OS is gaining momentum thanks to the ...
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PC Market Embraces Touch

People want to touch their computer screens. Don't get me wrong, they probably still want mice and keyboards too, but people want the option to swipe something from one side to the other. How do I know? The inordinate, increasing number of fingerprints on non-touch laptop displays in retail stores. When shoppers are trying out laptops in-store, ...
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Windows 8 PCs Slow to Arrive on Shelves

The PC industry has been struggling for the last couple years, but amidst the gloomy forecasts and weak financials there has been one constant hope: Windows 8. The new operating system was supposed to trigger a wave of refreshes and relieve pent up consumer and business demand. Microsoft updates its operating system every three or four years ...
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Some Bold Predictions for the Notebook PC Market

I'm a big-time fan of fantasy football. A combination of sports, statistics, and using numbers and intuition to predict performance... I love it. We do that on a daily basis for our clients with market data so it wasn't surprising that nearly half of our US office eagerly joined our company's fantasy football league last month. The key to ...
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How Samsung Executed its "Premium" Notebook Strategy

Just about every manufacturer wants the word "premium" attached to its brand. It's a common refrain from vendors, particularly during quarterly earnings calls, who want to increase their margins and shift away from solely competing with rock-bottom prices. Though few have actually succeeded, it has been a relief to watch Samsung execute its ...
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How Long Does It Take Retailers to Respond to a Recall?

Ever wonder how long it takes retailers respond to a recall? We got to see first-hand this week after Intel announced a flaw in its newest "Sandy Bridge" processor line. After Intel issued the recall on 1/31, I was anxious to see which new notebooks were still on shelves during our weekly price collection.

Here is what we saw:

  • Best Buy - Pretty ...
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