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Microsoft Surface Strategy Pays Off with OEM Partners

Last year I wrote a blog post about the rising popularity of productivity-focused 2-in-1 tablets; an industry shift spearheaded by the Microsoft Surface. At the time, I noted the advantage Microsoft had due to its established presence in the segment. Although the summer of 2015 proved to be a pivotal moment for productivity-focused 2-in-1 ...

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How Satya Got Microsoft’s Groove Back

Microsoft is back.

The evidence is everywhere you look. The company’s Surface Pro 4 tablet is “hugely impressive” and “the best tablet-laptop hybrid around.” The company’s Azure cloud computing service is on pace to turn a profit for the first time this year. The company’s Glassdoor rating, which was ...

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The Woes of a Windows Phone User

Hello, my name is Scott, and I am a Windows Phone user. I have been for many years. Take a moment for that to sink in as you survey your surroundings… chances are that no one else in your vicinity can say the same. Windows-based phones are the extreme minority in a smartphone market dominated by Android and iOS devices, and their share ...

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Tablets Belong to Business

It is no secret that the glory days of the tablet PC may be behind us. This past quarter, market tracker IDC put the number of global tablet shipments from Q2 2015 at nearly half the total shipments from the device’s peak quarter in Q4 2013. Industry buzz suggested that the tablet may have just been a fad; that the tablet would soon ...

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Tomorrow brings the “more human way to do.” How will you #upgradeyourworld?

Tomorrow I will be visiting Best Buy and Microsoft.  Why, you ask?  Because tomorrow Microsoft will release Windows 10 in one of the most anticipated yet unassuming launches of the company’s time.  In lieu of a fancy party, the company will hold celebrations in 13 cities around the world, including New York City, where ...

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Satya’s Search for the Meaning of Microsoft

In interviews during the final months of his life, Steve Jobs gave some of his best advice on business as well as his harshest criticisms. Jobs’ most potent venom was aimed at once innovative companies that had lost their way by promoting the head of sales to the head of the company. Jobs’ most specific example of an innovative company gone bad ...

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Chromebooks Gaining Momentum, Microsoft Getting Nervous

I never thought a true competitor to Microsoft's Windows OS would arrive during my lifetime. Other than Apple's Mac OS, Microsoft has enjoyed a relatively competition-free environment for the last few decades and has become the standard platform across the PC market. But, after a slow start, Google's Chrome OS is gaining momentum thanks to the ...
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Lessons Learned from the Surface RT

Microsoft’s first Windows 8 Pro tablet, the new Surface Pro will become available in less than 10 days. Yes, this is the new Surface!


How is it different from the Surface that you have already seen advertised on giant billboards across the country or in TV ads since October 2012. To start with, the new Surface Pro is equipped with an Intel X86 ...
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Windows 8 Tablets Arrive!

The long awaited launch of Windows 8 finally brought in the first real commercial presence of Windows-based tablets. The latest OS to enter the tablet arena is slowly gaining a mainstream retail presence and generating a lot of buzz. However, there are still many unanswered questions, which I hopefully will be able to answer through this blog.
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HP to Keep PC Division, Re-Enter the Tablet Business?!?!

Just five weeks into her job and three and a half months after HP pulled the plug on WebOS and its WebOS-based Touchpad line, Meg Whitman today announced that HP plans to retain its PC division and re-enter the tablet business. However, behold, HP may never bring another WebOS tablet to the market. While HP arguably sees a future in tablets, ...
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Global Cause / Toy of the Year

What can lay flat and be written on like a tablet, folded and read like a book, or hinged to a 90 degree angle and typed on? You guessed it, OLPC?s next generation laptop, the XO-2, and it looks to be much more than just a little computer.

The XO-1 and XO-2 belong to an organization called

whose goal is to provide every kid living in a ...

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Indiana Ballmer

In the early 80's, there were two big forces coming to life and this week both empires made headlines. The first, Indiana Jones. The fourth installment hits theaters today with an aged Indiana battling Soviet Union agents for a powerful crystal skull. It?s an exciting couple hours in the typical life of Dr. Jones, brushing off thousands of ...

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Wanted: Idea for Project 10 to the 100th

I couldn?t help but notice that the technology portions of the Mind the Gap blog have been sunny on Google and Apple and fair to partly cloudy on Microsoft.?This is not?deliberate, but more a reflection of today?s industry.? Headline making innovations are not coming from Microsoft - well, at least not positive ones.? Microsoft, for example, ...

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