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Crossing the gap Between 2018 & 2019

Looking back, 2018 proved to be a pivotal year across industries for the widespread adoption and integration of smart capabilities, automation, and adaptive consumer-centric conveniences. As new technologies continue to evolve, emerging product categories have the capability to negatively impact those that have been longstanding within the CE ...

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Samsung Printing Solutions Wants to Put a Dent in Samsung's $400B Goal

Samsung Electronics has been aggressively investing in the development of its Printing Solutions business for the better part of the past decade. The significance of this investment to Samsung cannot be understated – the vendor views printing as the next wave of its growth, following chips, TVs, and mobile devices. Printing is a key ...

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Touchdown Chargers!!

The perks of being a competitive intelligence analyst are few and far between. ?Journalists receive a constant stream of free food and drinks from manufacturers who hope to receive praise and adulation in return. ?I know a lot of journalists who get free presents from manufacturers in the form of mugs, pens, shirts, and even free products to ...

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