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Something Strange and Remarkable at Amazon

Every spring, Jeff Bezos publishes Amazon’s annual shareholder letter. These letters consistently deliver insights into Amazon’s achievements and priorities, reiterate the company's obsessive focus on its customers and its homegrown products and services (e.g. Prime, Alexa, AWS), and generally ignore typical investor letter ...

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Lookout: Great Freakin’ MAP and UPP Data

If ever there were a trivia night having to do with MAP/UPP pricing terminology or obscure seller names found on sites like Amazon or eBay, you would want me on your team. That’s because, as product manager for Lookout, gap intelligence’s new MAP/UPP enforcement service, I live and breathe those issues every day. Providing Great ...

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LOOKOUT, Enforcement on its Way!

Kicking off the new year with great excitement, gap intelligence launched its newest service, Lookout in the first week of January. Lookout is an online price tracking service designed to identify MAP/UPP policy violations. By further developing the capabilities of our existing web crawling technology and our GFD quality standard, Lookout ...

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Why Lookout? PC Fax, That’s Why.

Way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was working as a fax machine analyst, I would spend one week a month arm wrestling my arch nemesis: The Computer Shopper. The Computer Shopper was a mail-order catalog the size of a phone book, hundreds of pages thick, and each page was a product showcase of a single mail-order reseller who took ...

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gap intelligence Extends Expertise to Price Enforcement with Lookout

- Identify MAP and UPP violations with accuracy, evidence, and ease -

SAN DIEGO – January 2, 2019 – gap intelligence, a values-led market research firm focused on the information technology, consumer electronics, and home appliance industries is excited to announce Lookout, a new research service to help manufacturers track and ...

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