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A Look into the Emerging Realm of VR & 360-Degree Capture

Following the consumer electronics industry at any distance, you will have undoubtedly been exposed to the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) as a hot new showcase technology for vendors. Interestingly, VR touches all of the product categories that I track as an analyst at gap intelligence, including cameras and camcorders on the 360-degree ...

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What’s in a Name? If You Are Kodak, Everything.

Kodak. A brand that remains as one of the top 50 most recognized logos after over 100 years in existence. What do you know about Kodak? The answer to that question probably depends on your age. For me, I grew up with this brand representing one of the premier film companies. I associate it with imaging in all regards – film, prints, ...

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Beta Fish and the Cost of Printing

Every single week, the gap intelligence team emabarks on a journey deep into the trenches of retail. We study every aisle, peak around every corner, and collect every price point while we are there. In addition to routine data collection, we rub elbows with store personnel, fight through the crowds around the X Box demonstrations, and notice ...

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