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gapMBA Spends a Day Learning the Zappos Way

One of the (many) perks of getting to work at gap intelligence is the opportunity to earn an internal gapMBA taught by Professor Gary Peterson and Associate Professor Katie Hess. The year-long course is offered to any gap intelligence employee who wishes to gain the proper tools of how to become an effective manager as well as how it ...

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Connecting the Dots: A gapper Explains It All

Every year gap intelligence hosts its own internal convention, appropriately named gapCon. It’s the most valuable day of the year. This year, the theme of gapCon was Connected. The event focused on becoming even more connected with our coworkers (through an awesome game of gapper-based trivia). It was a gaptastic day and I was ...

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Lessons From Coca-Cola and Frosted Flakes

High school science class taught us entropy and that all systems are in decline.  Entropy causes disorder and change and those who can successfully evolve in these systems are the ones who will survive; whether a species, a person, or a company. 

Through gapUniversity, gap intelligence offers a Masters of Business Administration ...

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