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Nvidia for Newbies: What Graphics Card is Right for Me?

I’m a data expert when it comes to pre-built computers; I spend a lot of time QC'ing and investigating market trends, shelf share, price fluctuations, advertisements - anything that has to do with desktop and notebook models hitting the markets. So I can easily narrow down some pre-built gaming PCs that are within my budget if ...

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The War for Game Streaming is Here: How Major Tech Companies Are Positioned for Battle

Cloud gaming, game streaming, whatever you want to call it, is now top of mind when discussing how people will be gaming in the future. With Google’s recent announcement of its Stadia game streaming service, and subsequent death of its rumored gaming console, cloud gaming has officially taken the spotlight as the (now validated) future of ...

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Mobile Gaming: The Case for Gaming Smartphones

Do you remember the birth of mobile gaming? I do. I remember the first time I saw a Nintendo Game Boy. I remember intensely clutching the nearly brick sized device for countless hours playing such classics like Tetris and less-well known titles like Ken Griffey Jr presents Major League Baseball when I should have been doing homework or playing ...

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PC Monitor Panel Technology 101: Just the Basics

Whether you’re an avid PC gamer, a casual online shopper, or someone who stares at a monitor for eight hours a day for work, most of us spend so much time looking at digital screens every day. A lot of people are aware of what features they want when shopping for a new smartphone, TV, computer, or monitor – how thin it is, how the ...

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The Proverbial Game Changer: Game Streaming and the Future of the Industry

I still remember having to visit a local Blockbuster in order to rent movies. That’s right, physically walking into a store to rent an actual DVD copy of Starship Troopers. This ritual, however, became ancient history with the rise of video streaming services like Netflix. Shelves of DVDs and Blu-rays were replaced with digital queues, ...

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The Nintendo Switch: Complement or Competitor?

Consoles Now Part of gap intelligence’s Weekly Reporting

Last month, current-generation gaming consoles entered gap intelligence’s database. These consoles include the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii U. As both the Data Operations Associate for the Desktops category and a gaming enthusiast, I was ...

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Hey Mom, I Called Next Game

To all the video game companies focusing their marketing efforts on teenage boys, think again.

A recent study on video and buying behavior revealed that not only is the average game player 35 years old, 40 percent are female.

In fact, adult women now represent the largest gaming demographic at 33 percent of the market, nearly doubling boys 17 ...

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