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Application Dependencies: When and Why You Should Upgrade

When the Prod/Dev team sets up a new project, it’s created using the latest versions of frameworks, databases, and external libraries available. All these tools, components, and programming languages are part of our project, which ultimately makes them dependencies for our application. While developing the application, ...

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Meet the New Additions to our UZ Dev Team

It’s time for a Tashkent, Uzbekistan development team update. There have been some fun changes since last year’s thorough who’s who of the team. Our current team consists of Pavel Skripin, Timur Suleymanov, and the subjects of today’s blog, Evgeniy Chjen and Ruslan Sidorenko. Timur Gabdrakipov, mentioned in our previous ...

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What is the gap intelligence API and how can I use it?

An API is used to exchange information between applications. Not long ago, information was exchanged from user to user. An archive with data files from Application A was exported and sent to the user's email. The user had to download the files and upload them to Application B. Unfortunately, this way of exchanging data caused users a lot of ...

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5 Things I Learned As An Athlete That Make Me a Better Developer

Since I can remember, and even earlier based on pictures, I have always played soccer and been a part of a team. Practices, team parties, and games are some of my earliest and favorite memories. Being an athlete was a big part of my life from elementary school through college and continues to be part of my identity today. While I don’t ...

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Why We Dev Day

As a developer at gap intelligence, one of the coolest things we get to do is participate in what we call, "Dev Days". Once a month dev gappers get to work on anything we’d like to (within a certain set of rules of course). It's kind of like a mini hack-a-thon where bright ideas come to life. The project you work on ...

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Question of the Day

"If you could share an office with anyone who would it be and why?"  It was my first team meeting at a new company and the COO, Jon Belmonte,  kicked things off with "The Question of the Day". Everyone in the room took a turn and answers ranged from the mundane to the hilarious. I was struck by how well this ...

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5 Steps to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome describes individuals who internalize their accomplishments and fear they will be discovered as a fraud. Often it affects high achieving people who genuinely believe their success must be attributed to luck. I’ve felt it at different points in my life. Typically when I get a new job, I wonder if I tricked them in the ...

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Meet the Dev Team UZ Edition: You're Gonna Plov It

If you've been keeping up with our blog, you've read articles on how we use Agile Scrum with a Distributed Dev Team and which Agile Ceremonies we stick to here at gap intelligence. In the world of Five Ws and one H, these blogs provide great insight into the Why, the What, the Where, the When, and the How, but they only touch in a broad ...

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An Open Letter to the Girl About to Walk into Computer Science 101

10 years ago, as a freshman in college, I took my first intro computer science class as an elective. I never thought that elective would turn into a career, but 10 years later I’m now working as a senior software development manager and I am about to start teaching programming classes to my coworkers.

I often get asked now what it’s ...

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Dev SWAG: Planning Poker with Rails 5 and Action Cable

The dev team at gap intelligence is committed to following Agile Scrum best practices. Once a month we have Dev Days where we get to spend an entire day working on passion projects. These can range from developing internal tools and organizing our Gulls and Padres season ticket to learning new techniques and increasing ...

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The "Golden Ticket" to Sharing Season Tickets Without an Office Brawl

One of the perks of working at gap intelligence is access to San Diego Padres season tickets. Despite our beloved Padres maintaining their position of dead last in their division, these tickets remain highly coveted. They include a spectacular view of home plate, access to the Omni premier club, a full bar and buffet, and waiter service. ...

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Not So Active Record...Leveraging Elasticsearch to Speed Up Our API

At gap intelligence we’re about that data…to be specific we’re all about that GFD (Great Freaking Data)! We have a handful of applications that use GFD and it's extremely important to our business. With all of this valuable data sitting in our database, why would we not build a way to plug into this data, right? Not just ...

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What Makes a Good Developer?

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.
- Martin Fowler

I'm very lucky to have worked with many good developers during the 12 years of my coding career. From my personal experience I can say that age, a school degree, books and years of actual work don't ...

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Agile and Audibles

gap intelligence isn't just a company that preaches personal and professional growth, gap intelligence makes that a reality. gappers are encouraged to attend internal and external classes, read and share books, and check out different companies and conferences. The possibilities are endless. In my 5+ years at gap, I have benefited from ...

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Agile Scrum with a Distributed Dev Team

Many Software Development teams claim to be “Agile” when in reality their practices are more “Agile-ish” or (even worse) just a very rapid Waterfall. In the case of Agile Scrum this is sometimes referred to as “Scrum-but.”  Thankfully, the dev team here at gap intelligence are committed to respecting ...

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API Authentication in RubyMotion Mobile Apps

Last year, gap intelligence started looking into developing mobile applications for our external customers. While we already have a native iOS app, we selected RubyMotion as the framework for developing these new mobile apps. We're primarily a Ruby shop, so we thought this would minimize the learning curve and streamline development across ...

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Nurturing Innovation through Monthly Developer Days

I do my best to coax beautiful flowers and tasty fruits and veggies out of the soil at home by setting up the best possible conditions in the garden. (Like many amateur gardeners, I'm not always as successful as I'd like to be!) My plants need healthy, well-aerated soil, the right amount of light, plenty of water and fertilizer in order ...

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Coders and Programmers and Devs! Oh my!

When I originally sat down to write this blog, as it is my first post, I started thinking about when I started at gap...wait, that's how Caitlin started her blog post.


Ok, let's try this again.

Through the years, one of the questions that has always stuck with me is: What do you REALLY do all day?  

I find it funny ...

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