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Ask the Analysts: Explaining the Why Behind the Mobile PC Q3 Scorecard

Competition is notoriously fierce in the U.S. retail channel, especially in the cut-throat market for mobile computing devices such as notebook and detachable tablet PCs. No fewer than 13 brands--a full baker’s dozen--sparred over the crowded shelves of big-box retailers in the ever-important Q3 calendar season, otherwise known as ...

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Design, the Next Area of Innovation for Notebook Makers

The earliest and most important technology event of the year has come and gone, and it brought with it some products and technologies that left our mouths wide open. CES 2015 saw launches and announcements by major and not so major manufacturers, including an overwhelming number of notebooks and tablets.

I attended the show for the 5th time this ...

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The Return of the Prom King

For years and years, HP and dozens of other companies took the abuse, the taunting, and the mockery. Quarter after quarter, day after day, the companies stuck in the bottom-feeding retail clique had to sit in the stands as Dell, the direct channel King of Prom, received all of the glowing accolades and rewards. Dell?s direct business model ...

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