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Rides. Drives for Rides.

gap intelligence has a very special partnership with the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF). ENF is a San Diego based nonprofit serving low income and underprivileged families as they navigate their child's journey with cancer. ENF founder Richard Nares' family's heartbreaking story always brings tears to my eyes. When Richard speaks of ...

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gap intelligence's Super Sweet Sixteen

Today marks a important milestone in gap intelligence's history. To celebrate, let's start by going back...wayyyyy back to March 2003. Apple is gearing up to launch iTunes. The Human Genome Project is one month from being complete. 50 Cent is bumpin' on the radio stations. Nemo is being found and the King is about to Return. And in ...

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We Did Great in 2018

Companies tend to age similarly to people. Start-up companies are newborns and can’t survive without the help and support of others. As toddlers, a company can stand on two-feet, feed itself, and make lots of mistakes along the way. As a 15 year old company, gap intelligence is much like me when I was an incoming high school freshman - a ...

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An Iterative approach to Indistractibility

gap intelligence follows a cultivation culture, which means we intend to succeed by growing people to fulfil our vision.  As part of our company’s efforts to improve, every gapper gets their own education budget to spend growing their skill set, obtaining certifications, focusing on professional development, and generally bettering ...

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