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The Sith Annual Drives for Rides, May the Course be with You

gap intelligence's Drives for Rides has offically turned 6! The Sixth Annual Drives for Rides benefitting the Emilio Nares Foundation (this year offically known as the Sith Annual Drives for Rides in honor of Star Wars Day) has come and gone, quicker than the millenium falcon make the Kessel Run.

I have been fortunate to be a part of ...

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Connecting the Dots: A gapper Explains It All

Every year gap intelligence hosts its own internal convention, appropriately named gapCon. It’s the most valuable day of the year. This year, the theme of gapCon was Connected. The event focused on becoming even more connected with our coworkers (through an awesome game of gapper-based trivia). It was a gaptastic day and I was ...

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Bigger & Better: The Fifth Annual Drives for Rides

At gap intelligence you see it everywhere, we are a values-led company. It is on our website, our email signatures, our facebook, heck we even have a Value-Sled. Get it? But there is a big difference in saying we are values-led and actually leading by those values. If you aren’t familiar with our core values here at gap they are: ...

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Transparency… It’s Not Just for Overhead Projectors Anymore!

Here at gap intelligence, we’ve always been known as a “high five culture” that strives to continuously create meaningful experiences for those of us who work here, but one thing that you may not know is that we’re also a fist bump culture. On most mornings, you can count on our president Gary making the rounds through ...

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Flix and Failures

At gap intelligence, we strive to provide our clients with the best, most accurate, and most timely data possible. We are constantly striving for perfection, but as a company, we understand that the only way to learn and grow is by learning from the (rare) mistakes we make. At our annual company kickoff in January, one of the PowerPoint slides ...

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Values-Led Hiring

Most companies will say that hiring is the most important thing to ensure their success. gap intelligence is no different. We focus on bringing in good people who will not only be awesome tactical additions but who also align themselves with our core values and beliefs. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve seen those ...

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The Italian Job

If you’ve been following our blog posts long enough, or if you’ve ever even taken a casual spin around our company’s website, chances are that you’ve probably come across several references to gap intelligence being a "values-led" company. Our five core values (accountability, professionalism, willingness, ...

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a gapper?

At gap intelligence we are driven to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and trust that our hard work will turn into something great. I have been lucky enough to call myself a gapper for almost six years. There are several things that make our slice of sunny San Diego office-life extra special.

Core Values

Our five core values are ...

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