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gapForecast: What to Expect from the Print Industry In 2015

There are a lot of reasons to feel confident in what 2015 has in store for the print industry. The economy (at least in the US) is looking as strong as it has in recent memory, there are a number of interesting strategies and initiatives emerging, and many vendors in our industry are now posting solid profit and revenue growth. However, there ...
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Vendors Target On-the-Go Professionals with Mobile Inkjet SFPs

As a declining number of users are printing at home, inkjet manufacturers are working to grow sales of inkjet devices by focusing their efforts on other new segments. While inkjet manufacturers have found an opportunity for growth in the business inkjet AiO segment, vendors are also focusing on the mobile inkjet SFP market to target on-the-go ...
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HP’s Sharp Deal, and Why it's Good News for Canon

If you Google “win-win business relationships,” you don’t have to search long before HP and Canon’s OEM alliance comes up. It’s in almost every win-win-related article, a number of business books, and is taught in business classes across the country.

Like any 30 year marriage, Canon and HP have had their share of their ups and downs, but the ...
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The Platform

I may be young compared to many of my peers in the office imaging analyst community, but my approach to the channels and technologies that I track can be pretty old school. Even as a growing share of my analysis shifts to services and solutions, I’m still drawn to the tangibility of speeds, feeds, and CPCs; I remain fascinated by how they play ...
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What Does David Stern Know About Falling Color CPCs?

Everyone who knows me well also knows that I love the Boston Celtics. Of course, I have other interests, but the Celts have been a constant part of my life as long as I can remember. I’ve dressed up as Larry Bird for Halloween, I may be the only 30 year old with Celtics slippers, Tommy Heinsohn is featured in my Google Talk profile pic, and the ...
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Your Daughter?s Wedding will be Cheaper

In my earlier post, I ranted that 2009 has started with rocket ship speed.

? One of the big reasons why I feel this is way is because I am part of the digital camera team here at gap intelligence.? Apparently, digital camera makers are not overly concerned with our suffering economy and have flooded the US market with 262 new models since ...

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Touchdown Chargers!!

The perks of being a competitive intelligence analyst are few and far between. ?Journalists receive a constant stream of free food and drinks from manufacturers who hope to receive praise and adulation in return. ?I know a lot of journalists who get free presents from manufacturers in the form of mugs, pens, shirts, and even free products to ...

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the pico-letter v6.03 - Ricoh, IKON, and the Next Great Bubble

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble.. The aftermath of the last big bubble, analysis of the current bubble, how to guard against the next bubble. There is no avoiding it. Every time we turn around it seems we're inundated by bubbles. Speculative bubbles are both everyone's favorite scapegoat and next great opportunity. From Holland's


Bubble of 1637 to ...
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