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Reflecting Upon Black Friday 2018: Marking the Shift Towards Mirrorless

At gap intelligence we offer services that are quite like the eyes and ears of the marketplace. We have dedicated category analysts that serve as industry citizens and provide expert insights in each our individual markets. 

Mirror, Mirror, the Writing's on the Wall

A growing trend in the camera market is the mirrorless camera. In ...

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The Exclusive on Black Friday Exclusives

Remember the good old days of Black Friday shopping, when shoppers checked for leaked deals, made lists and action plans, and even camped out in front of certain stores hoping for the biggest savings?  Every year a crop of articles would come out giving advice and listing strategies for finding the best deals and snagging them. Among all ...

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A Look into the Emerging Realm of VR & 360-Degree Capture

Following the consumer electronics industry at any distance, you will have undoubtedly been exposed to the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) as a hot new showcase technology for vendors. Interestingly, VR touches all of the product categories that I track as an analyst at gap intelligence, including cameras and camcorders on the 360-degree ...

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Seven Months. Nine Trips.

If you’d like to make plans with me it will have to wait till September. My jet-setting began in February and will continue all the way through August. I have planned nine trips over seven months! My travels include the following cities in this order: San Francisco, Napa, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, San Jose, Santa ...

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Camera Season Part 1 is Over

Smokey the Bear has the summer to worry about forest fires.

Accountants are currently enduring their 7 day work week that runs through April 15th. Gary has camera season. Camera season is a twice annual event when every single digital camera maker launches, unveils, bows, discloses, reveals, and make public their latest and greatest digital ...

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Beta Fish and the Cost of Printing

Every single week, the gap intelligence team emabarks on a journey deep into the trenches of retail. We study every aisle, peak around every corner, and collect every price point while we are there. In addition to routine data collection, we rub elbows with store personnel, fight through the crowds around the X Box demonstrations, and notice ...

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