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Reflecting Upon Black Friday 2018: Marking the Shift Towards Mirrorless

At gap intelligence we offer services that are quite like the eyes and ears of the marketplace. We have dedicated category analysts that serve as industry citizens and provide expert insights in each our individual markets. 

Mirror, Mirror, the Writing's on the Wall

A growing trend in the camera market is the mirrorless camera. In ...

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4K Product Magic in the Air

Recently picked up a new TV for 2018? Great work! Research shows that early months of the year are indeed the best time to purchase that new TV, and gap intelligence lists Super Bowl season among the year’s most strategic times for TV purchasing (Super Bowl-timed ads for TVs up 6% on-year!). Noting that gap intelligence’s latest ...

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Connected Cameras: Fostering the Fundamental Act of Sharing Photos

2012 has seen an influx of connectivity within the digital camera realm that has never been witnessed in the past. While WiFi-equipped cameras are not a new concept, the transformation of the technology from a top-shelf halo specification to a widely-available feature within the market is more obvious than ever. Connectivity faces a growing ...
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