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The State of the Aftermarket – An Uphill Battle for OEMs

In the world of print, there are two main categories: hardware and consumables. Naturally, these categories go hand-in-hand, but the way that they are treated by manufacturers is very different. OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) often earn 50% or more of their print-related revenue through consumables sales. While a printer is a one-time ...

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PC Monitor Panel Technology 101: Just the Basics

Whether you’re an avid PC gamer, a casual online shopper, or someone who stares at a monitor for eight hours a day for work, most of us spend so much time looking at digital screens every day. A lot of people are aware of what features they want when shopping for a new smartphone, TV, computer, or monitor – how thin it is, how the ...

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Words With Herbs - Michael Bousquet


Michael Bousquet

How did you get to gap intelligence? 

About a year ago, I started playing tennis with a guy who would not stop talking about this awesome company called gap intelligence. His fondness seemed to grow even more when he would talk about the CEO, a Texas A&M grad like himself. Besides having my first exposure to ...

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The Sith Annual Drives for Rides, May the Course be with You

gap intelligence's Drives for Rides has offically turned 6! The Sixth Annual Drives for Rides benefitting the Emilio Nares Foundation (this year offically known as the Sith Annual Drives for Rides in honor of Star Wars Day) has come and gone, quicker than the millenium falcon make the Kessel Run.

I have been fortunate to be a part of ...

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We Paid it Forward

When I started gap intelligence back in 2003, my passion was to build a company that made a concerted effort to give back to our community. I was inspired by values-led companies such as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, The Container Store, and Whole Foods that put people and giving ahead of shareholders and profits. In many ways, a ...

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