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Our Service Offerings Now Include Cooktops and Wall Ovens

- New cooktops and wall ovens category provides weekly pricing and promotion data -

SAN DIEGO – April 2, 2018 – gap intelligence, a market intelligence firm focused on the information technology, consumer electronics, imaging, and home appliance industries, today added Cooktops and Wall Ovens to its portfolio of services.

The ...

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Choosing a Printer That's Perfect for Your Home Office: A Beginner’s Guide

As a print analyst at gap intelligence, my primary role is to work directly with manufacturers to help them make informed business decisions. To put it simply, I tell them what their competitors are doing. As a print analyst outside of gap intelligence, I’m often approached with the question “What printer should I buy?” Those ...

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Are you ready to Drives for Rides?

Bust out your golf clubs, the Sith Annual Drives for Rides benefitting the Emilio Nares Foundation is just around the corner! Drives for Rides is our annual chaity golf tournament benefitting the Emilio Nares Foundation. Richard and Diane Nares lost their only son, Emilio, to cancer when he was just 5-years-old. Turning tragedy into ...

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Lazy Salespeople - 5 Step Programs are 4 Too Many

Salespeople usually don’t have the best reputations and, as a salesperson, I can admit that we often deserve this lack of respect. For the most part, we’re motivated to make as much money with as little work as possible. I personally have a hard time finding any flaws with this philosophy and very proud of my single-digit golf ...

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Kids Wearables - An Untapped Market

Throughout the past two years that gap intelligence has tracked the wearables (smart wrist tracking devices that connect to your phone via bluetooth and/or wi-fi) market, I have noticed many trends of the category. Many products, styles and even manufacturers come and go. There are specific target markets that have tried and failed, and ...

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