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Burn the Ships

Over many thousands of generations, we humans have evolved a powerful survival technique: the knack to make plans for failure and then come up with strategies and euphemisms that turn these undesired scenarios into smart ideas. We call these “contingency plans,” “just-in-case plans,” or just, “plan B.” Plan ...

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5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Major Appliances

As a member of the home appliance team at gap I am often asked by friends and family about which appliance they should purchase. While we definitely have more pricing and promotion data than most people could ever hope for, there are plenty of other factors to keep in mind when selecting a major appliance.

Start with budget

The best place to ...

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Send It! 7 Actions to Increase Your Value in Today's Marketplace

I first heard the term ‘Send It!’ from my wife’s youngest brother, Austin. In the moment (more on this later), I had no idea what it meant, but I knew it was not a term to describe ‘normal.’ For most people, average is enough – average mindset, average effort, and average success. The world is filled with ...

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Keep Calm and Read On at gap intelligence

As a kid, I was always told that reading was fundamental. It is through books that we gain knowledge, insight and new ways of looking at the world around us. As an adult, this fact still remains true. Here at gap intelligence, gappers are encouraged to peruse our own library with it's wide array of topics from Excel shortcuts, to ...

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Driving Optimization in the Changing MPS Landscape – a MPSA Webinar

Driving Optimization in the Changing MPS Landscape | MPSA Webinar

Learn About the Product and Pricing Factors that Influence the Office Printing Industry

Wednesday, February 15th at 11am Central

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Date: February 15, 2017

Time: 11:00 am Central

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Join us for a webinar presented by gap ...

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