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Passion for Clients + Passion for Data = Interactive Tools on gapintelligence.com

If it wasn't blatantly obvious already, gap intelligence radiates passion. We are a company that is values-led, which means that we are passionate about each other, we are passionate about our community, and we are passionate about our clients. 

We're also passionate about data. When we combine our passion for data with our passion ...

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gap code school 101

At gap intelligence everyone is devoted to providing the best data and analysis possible to our clients. It's what we strive for everyday as a company. One of the coolest parts of our culture is that once you understand how you can play your part in our intricate web of data processes and deadlines, there are a variety of outlets that ...

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Wearables: The Gateway to the Internet of Things

Wearables haven’t quite lived up to the expectations of early speculation. The initial success of startup companies Pebble and Fitbit led market forecasters to believe that wearables would grow at a similar rate as smartphones, leaving open the possibility that smartwatches could soon replace smartphones altogether. However, the actual ...

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Meet the Dev Team UZ Edition: You're Gonna Plov It

If you've been keeping up with our blog, you've read articles on how we use Agile Scrum with a Distributed Dev Team and which Agile Ceremonies we stick to here at gap intelligence. In the world of Five Ws and one H, these blogs provide great insight into the Why, the What, the Where, the When, and the How, but they only touch in a broad ...

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Konica Minolta Unveils Workplace Hub IT Management Platform

The following report appeared in gap's MFP-Copier Market Intelligence Report published Monday, March 20, 2017.

Marking a pivotal milestone in the evolution of the company’s IT business, Konica Minolta last Thursday unveiled its Workplace Hub IT management platform at its Spotlight Live event held in Berlin, Germany.  The ...

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