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What Makes a Healthy Developer?

I was fortunate enough to attend RailsConf 2017 in Phoenix, AZ. Me and my friend-fellow gapper Eugene spent three days listening to keynotes, attending different sessions and participating in various workshops. While there were many great topics and speakers, one of the most talks I found most impactful was about (surprise) developers ...

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The Rise of PC Gaming and the Market's Untapped Opportunities

The Rise of PC Gaming and the Market's Untapped Opportunities  | A gap intelligence Webinar

Join Market Analyst Dustin Downs for a free webinar to learn about trends in gaming hardware.

Reserve your spot in the Rise of PC Gaming and the Market's Untapped Opportunities.

Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Time: 11:00 am PST

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Why RailsConf is a Must

Back in November of 2015, I wrote a blog about how Ruby on Rails saved my career. As a recap, I'd been a programmer for 13 years before I was given the opportunity to learn Ruby on Rails. It was a challenging and exciting experience; my mind was blown and I've continued down this path of learning ever since. In case you ...

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Words with Herbs - Ashley Levy


Ashley Levy

How did you get to gap intelligence?

It was a dark and stormy night, sheets of rain layered the ground while the wind howled through the leaves and over the ocean, pushing and pulling me from one job listing to the next. Without a second’s notice, a dark figure emerged in the distance from beyond the fog: land. As a ...

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The Future of Tablets is Not Set in Stone...

Technology has come a long way since the iPad was introduced in 2010. Back then, the state-of-the-art iPhone still had a 3.5" screen and so-called "thin and light" notebooks were neither by today's standards. Notebooks also didn't have touch-screens, which probably seems downright prehistoric to today's youth!

With ...

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