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The Proverbial Game Changer: Game Streaming and the Future of the Industry

I still remember having to visit a local Blockbuster in order to rent movies. That’s right, physically walking into a store to rent an actual DVD copy of Starship Troopers. This ritual, however, became ancient history with the rise of video streaming services like Netflix. Shelves of DVDs and Blu-rays were replaced with digital queues, ...


Filling the Void: Toshiba’s Exit from the PC Market

With Toshiba withdrawing from the US consumer PC market, the question arises: who will step up to fill the retail shelf and advertising space left behind? Toshiba is the largest notebook manufacturer to completely withdraw from the US market, creating a rare opportunity for other vendors to capture shelf space, especially considering the ...


The Road Less Traveled: Gaming Laptops in the Mainstream

Over the past year, gap Intelligence has seen a rise in the availability of gaming laptops in retail channels. These niche devices are usually sold alongside and often compared to traditional notebooks designed for more casual use. In this analyst’s opinion, the gaming laptop market should be working to be compared to its gaming console ...


To Hide-a-Herbie: A Tale of Mystery and Intrigue... Kind of

A few months back, I was charged with promoting gapCon, gap intelligence’s most valuable day of the year, with a little game called Hide-a-Herbie.  The task seemed simple enough: hide our mascot “Herbie” somewhere in the office, rewarding his discovery with a prize related to the conference.  The game seemed like a ...