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Making the Case (Or Not) for 8K

If you’ve been paying any attention to the tech world over the past several weeks, you are likely very aware that the Consumer Electronics Show, the industry's largest tech trade show, took place in early January. And if you went looking for info and photos about the show, you probably found dozens of articles talking about this ...


If You Haven't Purchased a TV in a While, Stop and Read This First!

The other day, my brother told me he needed a new TV and asked me for advice. I asked him the usual questions (What size do you want? How much do you want to spend? etc.). His response was, “I already did some research and found a TCL model that fits what I need. I’ve never heard of them before. Are they a good brand?”

I ...


Three Attainable TV Marvels from CES 2018

One thing I love about attending CES every January is that you get to view the future: companies show off products that are going to hit stores in the coming months, and many manufacturers also highlight prototype products that aren’t even real yet. But that’s where the fun comes in: you get to witness new technologies that could ...


The Exclusive on Black Friday Exclusives

Remember the good old days of Black Friday shopping, when shoppers checked for leaked deals, made lists and action plans, and even camped out in front of certain stores hoping for the biggest savings?  Every year a crop of articles would come out giving advice and listing strategies for finding the best deals and snagging them. Among all ...


Click Here for the Surprising Truth About What’s Inside Your Smart TV

Yes, that title is a shameless grab for your attention, but now that you’re here I want to talk about something that affects a lot of new TV shoppers without their knowledge: the OS behind your Smart TV. When most people shop for a new TV, they think about things like screen size, price, and resolution. What most people don’t ...