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5 Ways to Organize Your Work Life

Buzz words such as productivity and goal setting bombard our professional lives on a daily basis. As gappers we have numerous deadlines, projects, and initiatives that we are constantly prioritizing throughout the week. It can be a challenge to stay organized with so many competing priorities, meetings and/or directs. If your professional life ...


Five Reasons Why Organizations Should Care About Professional Development

As a newly minted cultivation culture, gap intelligence is driven to help employees do and be their best. We have created a culture for our employees that cater to their charitable, fitness, and social needs. Now, we have a professional development program in place to support our employees' growth and success. So, why should organizations ...


Reading is Fundamental Even for an Adult

As a cultivation culture, gap intelligence’s foundation is one of growth and development. This means we are a learning organization, and gappers are empowered to motivate themselves to grow. The idea of cultivating personal growth and self-motivation develops at an early age. This got me thinking back to my childhood.

Back in elementary ...


Lessons from the Trail to the Office

As an avid hiker, there are many lessons one learns out on the trail that can easily be applied to office life. Whether you are a manager or leader in your company, these lessons can provide valuable insight to putting your best foot or hiking boot forward.

Life on the trail makes you incredibly aware of yourself and personal surroundings. ...


Keep Calm and Read On at gap intelligence

As a kid, I was always told that reading was fundamental. It is through books that we gain knowledge, insight and new ways of looking at the world around us. As an adult, this fact still remains true. Here at gap intelligence, gappers are encouraged to peruse our own library with it's wide array of topics from Excel shortcuts, to ...