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Influencer Marketing: a Humble Perspective

Over the past several years, social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube have increased their reach, their members, and their capabilities. If you are standing on the sidelines, you might not have noticed that the 20-something year old girl that you used to watch as she sat on her floor and described products that she likes is now a ...


Delegation - Why you should start today

Picture yourself sitting in your manager’s office. You are completely stressed and overwhelmed and share that you need help. Your manager proceeds to tell you that you need to delegate. I am going to bet that at least of few of you have been in that chair in that scenario. Many of you either rolled your eyes or had the internal dialogue ...


Old or New? It's All Relative.

Human preferences are often fickle. Yep, I said it and I believe it because in my short 10 year career working at gap intelligence and watching many markets from paper to smartphones, I have seen consumer preferences go through a similar cycle. There is a saying that we always want what we don’t have – you know, if you have straight ...


'Pushing the Print' Boundaries

The disruption of a major industry is no small feat. Companies have been trying to put a ripple in the printing razor and razorblade model for years, both from within the industry and externally. While the general consumer may not be able to appreciate the technological advancements that have occurred over the past 10 years in the inkjet ...


What’s in a Name? If You Are Kodak, Everything.

Kodak. A brand that remains as one of the top 50 most recognized logos after over 100 years in existence. What do you know about Kodak? The answer to that question probably depends on your age. For me, I grew up with this brand representing one of the premier film companies. I associate it with imaging in all regards – film, prints, ...