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Nvidia for Newbies: What Graphics Card is Right for Me?

I’m a data expert when it comes to pre-built computers; I spend a lot of time QC'ing and investigating market trends, shelf share, price fluctuations, advertisements - anything that has to do with desktop and notebook models hitting the markets. So I can easily narrow down some pre-built gaming PCs that are within my budget if ...

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The Who's Who of Agile Scrum

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile you probably already know that at gap intelligence we follow an Agile Scrum framework for the basis of all of our in-house product development. If you stumbled on this blog post because you were googling “Agile Scrum” or something of the sort, welcome! We’re happy to have you ...

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Blurred Lines: The Narrowing Gap Between Contractual and Transactional Supplies Sales

It’s no secret that the print industry has endured major changes as it has matured, and the last few years have been no exception. As the industry consolidates, the number of major players in the game continues to shrink. Dell exited the print business entirely in 2018, and Samsung’s print business was acquired by HP in 2017. ...

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Stick with Me

The old adage in the service industry is “The customer is always right.” Throughout my 15 years working in the industry, I have found that while such a blanket statement can clearly never be true all of the time, there are certain takeaways and attitudes that can be derived from it and be applied to any industry. I realized a long ...

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The 12-Step Playbook: How to Win and Keep Business with Customer Success

Buyers today have more options, more information, and greater demand for attention and service than ever before. Costs of customer acquisition continue to rise, and margin for error in service and support continues to tighten. Buyers simply expect more from providers. The days of reactive customer support, low-value touch points, and ...

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