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Something Strange and Remarkable at Amazon

Every spring, Jeff Bezos publishes Amazon’s annual shareholder letter. These letters consistently deliver insights into Amazon’s achievements and priorities, reiterate the company's obsessive focus on its customers and its homegrown products and services (e.g. Prime, Alexa, AWS), and generally ignore typical investor letter ...

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Oops, I Git It Again

As a part of gap intelligence's Prod/Dev team, I work on many large projects where there are many other programmers involved. While doing so it's wise to use a version control system and Git is one of the ones that I frequently utilize. Due to the complexity of Git, it's VERY easy to ...

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00-7th Annual Drives for Rides Recap

On May 3rd gap intelligence closed our office doors and headed over to beautiful Maderas Golf Club to do great for the Emilio Nares Foundation at our 00-7th Annual Drives for Rides Golf Tournament. Don't worry your eyes aren't playing tricks, you read that right, we chose the 00-7 James Bond theme in honor of Drives for Rides' ...

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The Importance of Individual Country Analysis: An EMEA Dealer MFP Wholesale Pricing Comparison

When it comes to analyzing MFP dealer wholesale pricing for an entire region, it’s important to consider countries individually as country-level pricing can vary widely. For the past couple of years, gap intelligence has been collecting dealer wholesale pricing across nine countries in three regions including EMEA, America, and ...

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A Year in Review: Cooktops & Wall Ovens

As a category owner at gap intelligence, one thing I’ve learned is that once you build a category, you grow quite attached to it. And honestly, how could you not? Once it gets the green light, it’s nonstop go time for three months. You have to collect the data and QC the data. You have to translate photos and gather site links. ...

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