gap intelligence’s TCO and MPS solution is designed to allow simple and easy analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership of printer and copier-based devices in head-to-head scenarios and in the optimization of MPS fleets.

this is who gapTCO impacts.

The gapTCO application was developed to help sales professionals more effectively demonstrate their customers’ total cost savings over time while shortening sales cycles, providing efficiencies in the ongoing management of accounts, and driving incremental revenue growth. The gapTCO application is also a valuable asset for market research and marketing professionals responsible for ensuring that their products and solutions are positioned effectively versus the competition.

this is how gapTCO is used.

gapTCO’s unique graphical interface allows industry professionals to quickly create accurate representations of their clients’ current and future printing environments, evaluate key metrics, and create sales proposals. To support this process, the gapTCO tools feature costs, specifications, and pictures for each device, algorithms to intuitively perform “like-product” searches, and dynamic results charts to evaluate the client’s environment and the proposed solution.  The final results are exportable to PDF, Word, and Excel for easy and valuable presentations to the customer.

All input criteria, including page volumes, toner/ink page coverage, cost-per-click rates, color/monochrome page mix, hardware pricing, service pricing, and individual consumables prices are provided at the current market rates or manually adjustable, enabling users to create a customized model of their clients’ true TCO costs.

gapTCO’s underlying database of product and pricing information is updated every week with the absolute most current data based on gap intelligence’s product and pricing research services.

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