gap intelligence adds forecasting to its services with Quixel Research acquisition

For Immediate Release
Contact: Elizabeth Ireland
Stalwart Communications
(858) 922-9983

gap intelligence adds forecasting to its services with Quixel Research acquisition
- Move expands clientele and reporting, adds scalability within industry -


SAN DIEGO – September 8, 2014 – air max tailwind
gap intelligence, a values-led market research firm focused on the Information Technology, consumer electronics, imaging and home appliance industries, announced today that it acquired market forecasting firm Quixel Research.

The move upgrades the overall reporting services provided by gap intelligence and further expands its analysts’ expertise across nearly 25 research categories.

“Forecasting is underserved within market research. This acquisition not only enables us to dig deeper into today’s trends, but will influence our clients long-term strategies and drive multimillion dollar decisions,” said gap intelligence Founder and President Gary Peterson. “Quixel earned itself a wonderful reputation throughout the last 13 years. We’re confident that its current and new customers will be pleased with the intrinsic value, quality and consistency gap intelligence is able to bring as we rollout the enhanced service across multiple industries.” ence, a values-led market research firm focused on the Information Technology, consumer electronics, imaging and home appliance industries, announced today that it acquired market forecasting firm Quixel Research.

The move upgrades the overall reporting services provided by gap intelligence and further expands its analysts’ expertise across nearly 25 research categories.
Since 2001, Quixel has built its business around the television, projector and soundbar markets. Now named “Quixel Research – a gap intelligence company,” its leadership team will assist gap intelligence in the transition to integrate forecasting capabilities into its current suite of services.

The acquisition comes on the heels of gap intelligence’s strategic move to bring data collection and software development entirely in-house. Doing so helps the company respond to the very complex and constantly changing IT, consumer electronics, imaging and home appliance industries. gap intelligence was recently named “Emerging Business of the Year” by The San Diego Chamber of Commerce. nike max air
The terms of the acquisition between the two privately-held companies were not disclosed.

About gap intelligence

San Diego-based gap intelligence is a values-led corporation that works with manufacturers, resellers and industry players within the information technology, consumer electronics, imaging and home appliance industries to bring them up to the minute market intelligence. For more information:

About Quixel Research

Quixel Research LLC. provides market intelligence services covering the consumer home entertainment TV and Audio markets. The company details the state of the current market, future trends, and pending technology shifts. For more information:


© 2014 by gap intelligence. All rights reserved. 

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Inkjet Manufacturers Continue to Grow in A3 Business AiO Segment

In April, I wrote that vendors are looking to the A4 SOHO inkjet AiO segment as a place to grow their business. As it turns out, inkjet manufacturers may also be looking to the low-end A3 business inkjet segment as an avenue of growth. With that, inkjet manufacturers will continue to focus their efforts on both A4 and A3 business inkjet segments as demand for consumer inkjets continues to decline. new balance trainers
In an effort to drive demand for A3 business inkjet AiOs, vendors are increasing placements for the devices at the retail level. From May 2010 to May 2013, A3 business inkjet placements have demonstrated significant growth by doubling in retail placements from 9 to 18. Since that time, placements for the segment have remained relatively steady.


Similar to an increase in A3 business inkjet AiO placements over the years, vendors are allocating more resources to advertisements in the segment. gap intelligence data indicates that retail ad counts at national retailers including Best Buy and the OSS chains have increased year-over-year by a noteworthy 94% from 17 ads in May 2013 to 33 in May 2014.


The sharp increase in ad counts is mostly attributable to Brother doubling its ad investments to 22 ads and HP growing from zero ads in May 2013 to 5 ads in May 2014. With that, Brother strongly pushed its MFC-J4510DW and MFC-J4710DW, while HP worked to generate demand for its Officejet 7610 over the last twelve months.

While anecdotal evidence suggests that users rarely print A3 pages, some customers may still be inclined to purchase an A3 inkjet for those ‘just-in-case’ situations, especially if the model is on ad with an instant savings promotion. nike free 5.0 running shoe
In addition to a growing retail presence and increasing ad counts for A3 business inkjet AiOs, the segment has also seen a number of new product launches in 2014. The following chart shows year-to-date A3 business inkjet AiO launches:


So far this year, inkjet manufacturers have introduced 6 new products in the segment, with the most recent launch by Brother. Just last week, Brother launched three new A3 business inkjet AiOs that come equipped with new connectivity options including WiFi Direct and NFC, a technology that vendors continue to integrate in their new inkjets, as noted in my first blog.

Given that A3 business inkjet AiO manufacturers have increased their retail presence, grown their ad investments, and launched more of these devices than in years prior, vendors are likely to continue to seek growth in this segment.

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Twice: Sears, Samsung Tops In July 4 Ads

New York — Sears and Samsung dominated the Independence Day period in appliance print ads, a study by TWICE market research partner Gap Intelligence showed.

According to Gap home appliance analyst Christine Boersing, Sears accounted for about 21 percent of all retail advertising activity for the holiday period of June 29 to July 11, with more than half of its ads touting its private-label Kenmore brand. nike air max on sale
hhgregg was No. 2 in advertising aggressiveness surrounding July 4, with about 18 percent of all holiday circulars, followed by BrandsMart USA at 13 percent, The Home Depot at 12 percent, and Best Buy at 10 percent.

Remaining retailers tracked by gap each earned a single-digit percentage of ad share, including, in descending order, Pacific Sales and Lowe’s (6 percent); R.C. Willey  and P.C. Richard (4 percent); ABC Warehouse (3 percent); and Fry’s (2 percent).

On the vendor side, Samsung repeated its year-ago performance to secure the top position, with a heavy ad emphasis on laundry and refrigeration, while LG was the second-most advertised majap brand with a similar product emphasis. new balance 475
Indeed, laundry was the most promoted category during the holiday period with more than one-third of all majap ads (34 percent), followed by refrigerators at 27 percent, ranges at 15 percent, dishwashers at 13 percent, and over-the-range microwave ovens at 6 percent.

Advertising grew in the weeks leading up to Independence Day, and peaked in the days immediately preceding it, Boersing said, repeating the pattern from 2013’s Memorial Day and July 4. Gap collected over 1,100 ads from seven major markets across the country for its Independence Day analysis.

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Twice: Overall TV Shelf Placements Dip

TWICE_TV_Shelf air max 90 premium

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gap intelligence named emerging business of the year by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce

-Market research firm recognized for revenue growth, culture and staying power -

SAN DIEGO – June 24, 2014 – gap intelligence, a values-led market research firm, announced today it was named “Outstanding Emerging Business” at the recent San Diego Chamber of Commerce 2014 Small Business Awards.


The firm was specifically recognized for its history as an established San Diego County-based business with significant revenue growth, unique culture and staying power.

“What makes gap intelligence unique is that we’re a values-led market research firm
founded on the idea that business has a responsibility to the people and city that make its existence possible,” said gap intelligence Founder and President Gary Peterson. “That’s why the validation of being honored by our local Chamber is a profound honor.” free nike golf clubs
gap intelligence recently went through a metamorphosis from a firm focused on what and how to do business to why it’s in business. Finding its “why” led to several culture-first initiatives such an in-house institute of higher education called “gapU” that
translates to increases in retention, productivity, and scalability within the company.

Another company culture standout is its “3T’s” philanthropic committee dedicated to
giving time, talent, and treasure to San Diegans in need. This group organizes monthly and quarterly charity events including serving meals at the San Diego Food Bank, beach cleanups, a blood drive and an annual golf tournament that raised $32,000 to benefit the Emilio Nares Foundation. ENF is a local nonprofit dedicated to helping
navigate families through their child’s journey with cancer.

The firm also experienced a major overhaul this year by bringing data collection and software development entirely in-house. These tools help position the company as a leader in the very complex and constantly changing IT, consumer electronics, imaging and home appliance industries.

The Chamber is the largest nonprofit advocate for the San Diego regional business community. It is the most influential business network and resource for growing commerce in the San Diego region with nearly 3,000 members representing 400,000 employees.

About gap intelligence
San Diego-based gap intelligence is a values-led corporation that works with
manufacturers, resellers and industry players within the information technology,
consumer electronics, imaging, and home appliance industries to bring them up to the minute market intelligence. For more information: nike free 4.0 orange
For Immediate Release
Contact: Elizabeth Ireland
Stalwart Communications
(858) 922-9983


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gapNews: Samsung, LG Tops In Tablet Fridge Sector

twiceSAN DIEGO — Refrigerators with embedded LCD touchscreen displays have been around for well over a decade, predating today’s ubiquitous tablets.

The earliest models were largely showpieces, with high price tags and limited functionality. But with the advent of the smart appliance market, majap makers, notably LG Electronics and Samsung, have wedded the two products into a category that appears to be gaining some traction. new balance 630
Earlier this month Samsung’s RF28HMELBSR hit both and with an average online net price of $3,509. The 28.2-cubic-foot, four-door French-door fridge features an 8-inch Wi-Fi-enabled LCD tablet that allows users to browse and display recipes, stream music, check weather forecasts and display photos, among other wireless tasks.

In a report for TWICE market research partner Gap Intelligence, home appliance analyst Christine Boersing noted that the newly positioned smart refrigerator is an upgraded variation of its base model, the RF28MEDBSR, which offers identical core specifications without the integrated tablet. The smart refrigerator with integrated tablet comes at an approximate $300 premium.

Samsung’s connected home solutions have been an area of focus leading into 2014, Boersing said, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, connectivity and the ability to monitor the power grid to avoid peak-demand periods (when the service is available from utilities).

The company’s Smart Home initiative also aims to allow consumers to utilize their mobile devices to control appliances within the home. To that end, the RF28MELBSR will allow a consumer to connect to the Internet independent of an app and download software updates directly to the fridge. In addition, the integrated tablet controls and monitors temperature settings and filter and refrigerator status. new balance baseball
Boersing said consumer acceptance of integrated tablets has been slow, but she believes that Samsung’s Wi-Fi-enabled system, available at a reasonable premium, “may sway consumer focus towards the model as it pairs 2014 enhanced features along with the connected technological component.”

Top contender LG made its latest-generation smart refrigerator debut in late 2012 with its LFX31995ST French-door model, which also features an 8-inch integrated tablet, and Boersing anticipates that other manufacturers will continue developing connected solutions as “software, ease of use, and consumer attention continues to support the initiative.”

In the meantime, she concluded, Samsung and LG will continue to enjoy a home-field advantage when it comes to tablet-enhanced home appliances, as “both competitors maintain strong roots within the CE and tablet industry, making the connected appliance segments a likely and strong progression for them.”

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Smart TVs are Determined to Stay On Top

Brand new TV models for 2014 have been filling up store shelves over the past several weeks, tempting consumers with the latest features, slimmer profiles, and increasingly elegant designs.  One of the main attractions for the past few years continues to be Smart functions, and manufacturers advertise their TVs’ capabilities front and center on images and displays.

Vizio_Smart_20140506LG_Smart_20140506 nike shoes free shipping
Smart functions are an obvious draw for TV shoppers primarily because they can stream most of their favorite content on demand from sources like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Go, and others.  However,

Smart TVs are facing increased competition from connected devices, such as set-top boxes  and WiFi-enabled Blu-Ray players, that consumers can pair with a standard TV to add streaming media capabilities without purchasing a new television.

A look at the retail market for each product type reveals that connected device placements garner between 10% and over 100% of the number of Smart TV placements at any given retailer.  However, in total numbers, placements of connected devices have decreased by nearly 30% year-over-year.  Despite this decrease in overall placements, the prevalence of connected device leaders such as Roku and Apple TV still remains.  One aspect contributing to the popularity of connected devices is the low price.  The average net price of a connected device is $109, while the average net price of a Smart TV can range from $500 for a 40-inch model to over $2,500 for a 65-inch Smart TV.  By contrast, non-Smart TVs average from $365 for the 40-inch size to around $1,200 for a 65-inch model. nike air max kids

At the same time that Smart TV models have been under attack from connected devices, the manufacturers have increased the advertising rate for Smart TVs compared to Non-Smart models.  In September 2013, the number of Smart TV print advertisements was greater than those for Non-Smart TVs for the first time.  Whether this represents a reaction to connected device competition or simply a reflection of shifting trends in the marketplace isn’t clear.  What is apparent is that streaming media will remain a driving factor behind TV purchases, and the manufacturers are staying on top of challenges to their status as the dominant screen in media. nike free 4.0 mens

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Using PowerPivot to View the Dynamic TV Marketplace

While playing around with our new PowerPivot TV file recently, I found myself thinking about the upcoming 2014 TV refresh season, and the increased concentration by the manufacturers on 4K TVs.  How does the Ultra HD market look compared to the “regular” HD market, and will that change in the months to come?

 Retail Shelf Share

The new PowerPivot model makes it easy to calculate retail brand presence.  With the simple click on a filter, I was able to view a chart that shows current retail shelf share for all non-4K TVs.  What I found wasn’t surprising: Samsung leads the market with 23% of the retail shelf, followed by Vizio with 22% and LG with 11%.


But when I look at the same data from a 4K-exclusive view, I get a different picture.  Sony currently captures the majority of the market with a 37% shelf share, followed by Samsung with 21% and LG with 18%.  Sony’s current position coincides with the company’s plan to focus on 4K TVs during the coming year, but does not yet take into account upcoming releases by Samsung, LG, and Vizio, among others, which could shake up the shelf with lower-priced models. nike free trainer 5.0 reviews

Retail Advertising

In order to see if retail advertising data followed the same pattern, simply switch over to the Ads Analysis tab and apply the same filters.  Standard HDTV ad share for the first two months of the year shows that Samsung holds 39% of all retail print ads, followed by 10% of ads that don’t list a specific brand, and then 9% each for LG and Sharp.  This ad share overview follows the same pattern we saw in weighted shelf share placements, with the exception of Vizio, which falls back in ad share to only 4% of all ads placed.


In contrast, only five brands placed Ultra HDTV print ads during the beginning of the year, with Sony again taking the top share at 39%, which it shares with Samsung.  LG follows with 13% of all UHD ads, with Seiki and Sharp rounding out the count. nike shoes free shipping

It will be particularly interesting to watch how shelf share and ad placements change over the next few months as more 4K TVs are released in the market.  Staying on top of these changing trends is made easier by using the new PowerPivot reports with their preset chart templates and historical data built in.  When Vizio enters the Ultra HD market with its new line of low-priced models, for instance, it will take only seconds to see whether or not the company continues increases its ad share to push the new technology.  Similarly, Samsung already advertises its Ultra HD models as much as Sony does, but will its Ultra HD shelf share increase proportionally?  A click of the button is all it will take to watch the changing marketplace this refresh season.

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second annual Drives for Rides golf tournament!!

Drives for Rides2


gap intelligence is a values-led company.  We care.  We care about our clients, about each other, and about our community.  Our Time, Talent, and Treasure committee (3Ts) is driven to inspire community impact through charitable opportunities.  On May 2, 2014, we will be hosting the second annual Drives for Rides golf tournament to benefit the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF), a local non-profit here in San Diego that navigates families through their child’s journey with cancer. nike air force max
Inspired by their son Emilio, Richard and Diane founded ENF in 2003 to help provide critical logistical support to families with a child fighting cancer.  In 2013, Richard Nares was nominated as one of CNN’s Top Ten Heroes of the Year!

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 19:  CNN Hero Richard Nares is presented an award onstage from Alan Cumming at 2013 CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute at The American Museum of Natural History on November 19, 2013 in New York City.  24079_014_1484.JPG  (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage)
Drives for Rides is an opportunity to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and to make a lasting impact on our local community.  Our Drives for Rides goal is to raise over $15,000 for ENF, which goes directly to helping families and their children fighting cancer.

While we are well on our way, we need your help!!

the details:

What: gap intelligence Drives for Rides golf tournament to benefit the Emilio Nares Foundation
When: May 2, 2014 at 1PM PST.
Where: Riverwalk Golf Course


Tournament will be played as a 4 person Florida Scramble (best ball)
Single Green Fee: $150 / Foursomes $600 and includes green fee, cart with GPS, player gift bag, awesome prizes, drinks, dinner, opportunity drawing and auction!

how can YOU help?:

We need everything. We need players. We need prizes for our players and we need sponsors. We need it all. We’ll take donations of all shapes and sizes. The players could use water bottles on the tee boxes. We need refreshments for our carts, sponsorships to give directly to ENF, and we need awesome prizes for our various games, raffles, and silent auctions.

sponsors & prize donations

First a Thank You to those who have already donated.

  • Yoga Six – One Free Month of Yoga
  • Grissom Law Firm
  • Banfi
  • Gemini Energy Services
  • Callaway Golf – Callaway Driver & Stand Bag
  • Southwest Airlines – Two Round Trip Airline Tickets
  • Prana
  • Omni Hotel
  • Sushi Freak
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano
  • Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • La Jolla Playhouse
  • Point Loma Tea
  • Sanctuate!
  • Callaway Winery – tour and wine tasting
  • Polish Me Nails – regular pedicure
  • Remember to Breathe – acupuncture session
  • Hornblower Cruises – 2 Seafarers’ passes
  • Trulucks – Dinner for 6 People
  • Kennedy Golf – 30 minute golf lesson with PGA Professional Mike Nokes
  • eLive Life – 12 one-hour spa treatments
  • Otterbox – $60 gift certificate
  • Sushi Freak – free sushi roll
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano – free one-year family membership
  • Tom Young – two SDSU basketball tickets / $30 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card
  • Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza – $25 gift card
  • Outback Steakhouse – $20 gift card
  • La Jolla Playhouse – Voucher for 2 to any 2014 season play
  • Point Loma Tea – Tea Gift Basket
  • AMC Theatres – 2 movie tickets
  • Vons – $20 gift card
  • Sanctuate – free 45 minute massage
  • Next Generation Wine – 2 bottles of wine (white / red)
  • Marina Kitchen – gift card for a wine dinner for 4
  • MIHO Gastrotruck – $50 gift card to JUKE
  • Mikrospa – $50 gift gift card, 5 $20 gift cards, $250 couples retreat
  • Carlsbad Golf Center – outdoor club fitting / birdie level range membership / 30 minutes with golf instructor
  • San Diego Air & Space Museum – 4 general admission guest passes
  • Mariposa Handmade Ice Cream – $25 gift certificate
  • Broke Girls Coffee Bar – $10 gift certificate
  • Back From Tomboctou – $25 gift certificate
  • Pura Buena Onda – 8 conversation classes
  • The Cottage – $25 gift certificate
  • Wilson Creek Winery – tour and tasting for 2
  • USS Midway – Ensign Package for family of 4
  • SportRX – $100 gift certificate
  • Aquarium of the Pacific – 2 admission passes
  • Grammy Museum – 4 museum passes
  • Discovery Science Center – family of 4 pack admission
  • Viva Pops – gift certificate
  • Bootique Fitness – 2 gift certificates for 2 week membership
  • Museum of Making Music – family pack of 4 admission tickets
  • Vinto Restaurant (Park City, Utah) – $25 gift certificate
  • Sail Hoe Golf Club – Nine holes of golf for 2 people
  • The Hot Spot – $20 gift certificate
  • The New Children’s Museum – 4 guest admission tickets
  • Sprinkles – $84 gift certificate
  • San Diego Flagship Cruises – 2 passes for one-hour narrated harbor tour
  • Saint Regis Deer Valley – one night stay
  • Go Raw – 11 snacks

prize donations:

If you are able to donate a prize of any kind (we’ll take them all), please contact or give us a call at 619-574-1100.


Contact: Katie Hess at 619-574-1100 or

Sponsorships and registration can be made online at: Kennedy Golf

  • Title Sponsor: $7,500 (includes 2-foursomes in tournament)
  • Major Sponsor: $5,000 (includes 1-foursome in tournament)
  • Tournament Sponsor: $2,500
  • Hole in One Insurance Sponsor: $1,000
  • Beverage Sponsor: $500
  • Hole Sponsor: $250/hole

Thank you very much for your interest and support. The tournament and sponsorship of the Emilio Nares Foundation is an endeavor that gap intelligence is very proud to undertake.

261 free nike stickers
Let’s touch a child’s life and leave a legacy beyond our years.

About the Emilio Nares Foundation

Richard and Diane Nares lost their only son, Emilio Nares, to cancer when he was 5-years-old.  Turning tragedy into hope, the Nares family created the Emilio Nares foundation (ENF) in 2003. ENF provides a variety of programs and services for low-income, underprivileged families whose child has cancer. ENF’s flagship program, Ride With Emilio, is a transportation service in southern California. At this time no other transportation exists that is dedicated to the unique socio-economic needs of low-income families whose children must access cancer treatment on time, but cannot due specifically to transportation barriers. The Ride With Emilio program has virtually eliminated missed appointments due to transportation challenges among the patients served. Ride with Emilio has been recognized as a model program by the U.S. Surgeon General and President Obama. We are a 501C3 tax-exempt organization. All donations to the Emilio Nares Foundation are tax deductible. Learn more about ENF:

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Explaining the Why just got: Easier. Better. Faster. Stronger.

For 2014, gap intelligence decided to make a bold New Years resolution: make our industry-leading competitive intelligence more powerful and easier to use.

You could say we’ve been channeling our inner Daft Punk (or Kanye West, whichever you prefer), but with a twist:

Harder Easier

When gap delivered its first Price/Promotion Report more than 10 years ago, we set out to put all four P’s in one place. We put all the marketing intelligence essentials–Pricing, Promotional, Placement, and Product details–in a one-stop-shop experience and updated them on a weekly basis, creating the industry’s most comprehensive source of timely and accurate market knowledge. So why change now? air max sneakers
Better question is, why wouldn’t we continuously innovate and improve the customer experience? Especially when the opportunity exists to vastly simplify the process of finding answers to important questions such as:

Why did my market share increase this week?

Why were unit volumes up despite little or no advertising activity?

Why didn’t market share increase after a major advertising splash at Retailer “X”?

Why are my competitors’ share of shelf increasing / decreasing at key accounts?

Why is demand growing for key product features and how is this impacting my competitive value proposition?

Why is the sky blue? (OK, maybe not this one. Just checking you’re still with me.)

The answer for gap intelligence, of course, is why not? Because our analyst-driven market intelligence services are centered around one core objective:

To help Explain the Why by making gap’s timely and accurate intelligence
more actionable and easier to use.

So effective immediately, gap intelligence is rolling out beta versions of a new Price & Promotion Database (PPDB) based on Excel 2010 with a PowerPivot plugin (SQL Server 2012 SP1). The PowerPivot plugin is a free download from Microsoft’s website and can be installed and set up in just minutes.


Once up and running, the new beta reports give existing Excel 2010 users the option of benefiting from a much more dynamic, flexible, and customizable market intelligence tool than we have ever delivered. It will also open up possibilities we only dreamed of before, such as linking gap’s causal market intelligence with POS data streams to help unveil the daily mysteries around why my brand or my competitors brands are winning or losing. womens nike free 5.0
PowerPivot_Announcement-pic1Our initial launch includes 15 categories for Printer, PC and Consumer Electronics industries, as well as Home Appliances–with more on the way in the coming weeks and months.

And for those of you wondering: what about Excel 2013? And how about using gap data in other data visualization applications? There’s still more to come.  In fact, we’re just getting started!

Meantime, Explaining the Why just got a whole lot: Easier. Better. Faster. Stronger.

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