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for over 10 years gap intelligence has provided the world's most powerful companies with tactical and up to the minute market intelligence.  Our team becomes a part of your research department and provides all the "heavy lifting" in market analytics so you can see into the future today. So come on in and take a look around! learn more

market intelligence

gap intelligence’s core market intelligence services are widely regarded as the most timely, comprehensive, and easy-to-use tools for manufacturers to keep a close eye on the market. more

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Mind the gap

Fantasy Football: An Unpredictable Statistical Fiasco

In my blog post this week, I will show my findings from a regression analysis done on the correlation between Rushing Yards in a given game vs Defensive Rushing Yards Allowed. Contrary to popular belief, Fantasy Football is not a … more »

Haaave you met Charlie?

Hey All!  My name is Danielle Regello, I have been working at gap for a few months now in the Laundry and Home Appliances categories, and I am loving it! Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, snuggling my adorable dog … more »